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Today Was A Great Day!

Today was a really great day with some amazing prayers answered for us. Last year at this time I was sitting in the ER with severe issues with my blood pressure and to the point they were concerned I had had a stroke because I had taken a pretty serious fall/blackout for no reason. No … Continue reading Today Was A Great Day!

Healthy Competition

My husband and I tend to be a little competitive with one another when it comes to games. He's naturally athletic and competitive; me, on the other hand...well I just like to win. Currently we are both playing this game called "Woody" it's where you match up blocks and watch the lines collapse causing your … Continue reading Healthy Competition

A Question That Needs to be Asked

This evening what you will read will be different from any writing you've read from me before but this will allow those who read to see what that I've been working on since as I have started writing via a "topic journal." A question that needs to be asked... why can't i move forward? why … Continue reading A Question That Needs to be Asked

Saying Goodbye to the Screen World and Hello to the Real World

"I realized that all the really major things were happening all around me, and that more often than not, I had been missing them because my phone had become an extension to my hand, and what it said to people, essentially, is just being with them isn't enough." (Shauna Neiquist- Bread and Wine: A Love … Continue reading Saying Goodbye to the Screen World and Hello to the Real World

About the Writer

enigma noun enig·ma \i-ˈnig-mə, e-\ an inscrutable or mysterious person Enigma is the word that most people use to describe me whether it's their first encounter with me or if they have known me for many years. This description is due to there being many thoughts in my mind that are often shared or perhaps … Continue reading About the Writer

Behind The Name

abandon verb: a. to give up to the control or influence of another person or agent b.to give up with the intent of never again claiming a right or interest in In October 2016, I jumped on a plane by myself and flew to Taos, New Mexico to met a group of random strangers that … Continue reading Behind The Name

Accepting Your Truth

Truth: noun-that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality; a fact or belief that is accepted as true. November was when I wrote my last post. The topic of the post was in regards to saying "yes" when we are called to pursue our lifes' calling. It was also around this time … Continue reading Accepting Your Truth