Today Was A Great Day!

Today was a really great day with some amazing prayers answered for us.

Last year at this time I was sitting in the ER with severe issues with my blood pressure and to the point they were concerned I had had a stroke because I had taken a pretty serious fall/blackout for no reason.

No matter what I did I couldn’t get it to level out. Things got worse and worse. I was put on two different blood pressure/heart medications to help with this. Eventually, I had to walk away from my work to really focus on my health and do whatever it took to get it resolved.

It’s been up and down for the past year and dealing with that only made having Crohn’s Disease worse. There are many days I do not remember, there are things I had clearly done (nothing crazy or detrimental…just things, like around the house, text or even our trip to Dominican…) that I have no recollection of doing. My mind is still trying to sort through things in regards to that and the past two weeks it’s gotten a lot better.

On January 1st I made prayer over my healing and health top priority during the first part of my day. I thanked God then for the healing that was coming. I have meditated twice daily with focus on healing and balance within as well as developing a routine with CBD and it’s benefits.

The 10th of this month I had apt with the PCP to discuss that I wanted to try and get off of some medication. He wasn’t 100% on board and said he would give me two weeks to see if I could manage on my own with some issues.

The 14th I had a procedure and some biopsies taken in regards to my Crohn’s. Since the 15th I have had zero issues with CD. All symptoms seem to have disappeared in what feels like over night. Once again the doctor asked me about my prayer life.

She was there in the beginning when I was severally sick and no one could figure out what was wrong-she had asked my family as they sat there if they were praying people because there was no reason for me to physically be able to still be here besides prayer. I knew at that point she would stay my specialist as long as I could have her.

Today was the tell all on things.

It’s unreal.

Actually it’s God.

My blood pressure readings for the past two weeks and today we’re better than they ever were on medication and better than they were prior to ever being diagnosed with an issue. The primary said whatever I was doing this past month to continue, no more blood pressure/heart medications and he didn’t need to see me until six months!

Even though currently have bronchitis…it feels amazing to know that a prayer was answered here.

A few hours ago, I received a phone call in regards to my Crohn’s Disease and my biopsies…I was told….

“You’re in REMISSION!!!!!”



Remission??? How? I’ve never gotten an official “thumbs up remission” from the specialist before, it’s always been “you could be heading there but need a little more time.”

After going in, taking the biopsies and having proof first hand they have put me in the remission status! Once again, I was told whatever I had been doing since the end of December to keep doing it because it was working and that I don’t have to come back for the procedure for another three years!!!!

(That’s major for someone with CD.)

This is so unheard of for me and my health. How I could go from not being able to get out of the bed or off the couch in less than a month because I felt so bad all due to prayer, meditation and CBD.

This is one reason I am a believer in healing through God and prayer.

This is one reason I am a believer in meditation & finding a balance within.

This is one reason I am 100% in favor of medical/recreational CBD/marijuana use.

None of this could or would be possible without those three things!

So today…was a great day!