Healthy Competition

My husband and I tend to be a little competitive with one another when it comes to games. He’s naturally athletic and competitive; me, on the other hand…well I just like to win.

Currently we are both playing this game called “Woody” it’s where you match up blocks and watch the lines collapse causing your score to increase with each move you make. I started playing the game a few days before he did and got him hooked soon after.

For me, this was a way to excersise my mind and help remove anxiety along with increasing focus. For him, I think it’s just good ol’ trying to beat my score, which he recently done.

Tonight when he came home from work he asked ” Have you beat my score yet?” I hadn’t but I’m not trying to with this game…no, it’s about me trying to increase my own score against myself; to just do better each time.

However; this question got me to thinking, how often is it when we start something we get our focus set on someone else’s score or how good they are doing and how it doesn’t take us long before we are trying to out do them or catch up to them.

We do this a lot in the South with our lives. Girls feel they have to get married early and have children. Guys feel like they have to jump right into a career, buy a home and then get married and since the pressure is so high on females for this we put that pressure on guys. We have to stay up with the others or there is something wrong with us.

We also do this in our professional lives as well. We try to out do the co-worker next to us and forget to double check our work or we skip steps causing a major issue. Maybe they are ahead of you on a project but you want to be competitive and do better so you short cut some things.

There are so many situations in our personal lives as well as professional lives that this type of thing can occur. While healthy competition is always good for us it should never get the best of us and cause us to short cut anything.

There’s value in the work.

We must learn to go at our own pace and to embrace the season of life we are in. I will admit when I wasn’t married by 25 or 30, I was angry at my then boyfriend (now husband) but looking back had we gotten married during that time we would probably be on our way to a divorce lawyer now. We had growing that needed to be done and now we have an amazing marriage full of love, respect and laughter.

Embracing seasons is not always pleasent and it can really be a time of testing our faith as well as our motives. If we are trying to rush it so we can catch up or be better than the person beside us we run the risk of missing the blessing in the waiting as well as the working.

At the end of the day the only person we need to try and be better than or the only person we need to compete against is ourselves. Strive to do better than you did yesterday and learn to not rush things. Hone your skills while you are in your season of waiting. Work for the blessing that is coming your way.