Saying Goodbye to the Screen World and Hello to the Real World

“I realized that all the really major things were happening all around me, and that more often than not, I had been missing them because my phone had become an extension to my hand, and what it said to people, essentially, is just being with them isn’t enough.” (Shauna Neiquist- Bread and Wine: A Love Letter to Life Around the Table.)

I will admit that my eyes rolled at this when I read over it; but then recalled times in my own life when I was with people and they were focused on their phones and how it would make me feel…it really does say “you aren’t enough.”

Countless times my social media accounts have went down for the allotted time frame that has went from however long you wanted it to be down, to 30 days to now the longest is 7 days. What does this say about us? That we can’t spend longer than 7 days trying to focus on the life we have right in front of us.

This blog is more about somethings I’m personally struggling with right now.


The mess that has become of my life due to the addiction and lack of discipline towards screen time.

My creativity and writing is blocked. I’ve allowed the obsession with social media to steal joy and life from me. It’s been a crutch to literally avoid social interaction by either taking time away from people I am with or relying on it over actually forming real friendships. (Social media is an introverts dream!)

I just can’t any more.

I crave realness.

I crave authenticity.

I crave interaction.

I crave joy.

I crave life.


The things going on in the world around me affect me in a negative way rather than a positive. It consumes time that really can be spent doing something other than social media. Something productive. Something positive. Something life changing. Something for someone else.

For the past month I’ve been battling some demons that seem to have gotten the best of me and to be honest a large portion of it is due to not moving beyond this spot in life; each day it get worse and the only person who can really change it is the one typing this right now…me.

Since no longer working, I’ve been sick more than I have been well. This isn’t how it’s supposed to be, but it is a part of my life that I grew to accept ten years ago when I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. We knew it wouldn’t be easy. But let’s be honest here too…I’ve had so much better luck with this disease than many others.

This is precious time that I am now looking back on and there is nothing to show for it but wasted time looking at a screen or asking people to repeat themselves because I was distracted by looking at a screen.


The time I’m taking off; this so called “Gap Year” was supposed to be filled with: travel, getting physically better, volunteering as well as focusing on my writing. Not forcing myself out of the bed only to go lay on the couch and truly feeling like a failure each day because I never changed out of my PJs.

This isn’t the life I wanted and it’s only this way because of me; circumstances that weren’t beyond my control.

It is time to disconnect from everything.

Past time.


So, for the next few months my time will be spent focusing on this side of the screen-my side and not social media accounts. I will continue to write. I will revisit paintings that have been started. I will cultivate the friendships I have in real life. I will focus on physically healing. I will take the time to get to know my life as a newlywed!

Time to get back to the earth around us; to enjoy our real life and our summer on our real side of the screen.

Let us take back our time and enjoy the freedom with less screen time!