Behind The Name

abandon verb: a. to give up to the control or influence of another person or agent give up with the intent of never again claiming a right or interest in


In October 2016, I jumped on a plane by myself and flew to Taos, New Mexico to met a group of random strangers that I knew only through social media that all had a common interest in finding out what our purpose in this world was. None of us could have been prepared for the adventure that was ahead for us. Upon arriving, it was clear to see that God was behind every single moment of the experience.

Talk about a step of faith.

Talk about abandoning doubts, fears and insecurities in order to move closer to our purpose in our lives!

This proved to be the greatest thing I could have ever said “Yes” to when God told me to go. At the time, there was no way I could have known just how vital the course work, the challenges and the new things that I would learn would benefit my daily life in moving beyond my comfort-zone and just stepping out in faith to grab the things that God has for me.


God designed us each for a reason in this life. A purpose that is far greater than we could ever comprehend. Sometimes things get in the way of saying yes to that purpose; be it our fears, the doubts of our abilities or our insecurities. Adventures in Abandoning is all about the exciting things that come when you abandon the things that limits you and step out in faith for those God called adventures.


Jenny Fleming is behind Three to Abandon was formed, you can click the link to read about her abandoning adventure in Those Who Abandon: Meet Jenny and check out her personal story about her vision of Three to Abandon here.

To find out more about Three To Abandon read below and to sign up for the experience click the link: Three to Abandon. It will be the most exciting adventure of you life.


Three to Abandon (copied from the page…)

At one point or another the people at Three to Abandon woke up and were ready to take the next great generations seriously. To invest in uncovering their talents, hopes, and desires God gave them. We couldn’t stop imagining a future where people like us were confidently pursuing what they were created for.

Why couldn’t we have that?

What’s prevented it from happening already?

The answer: three small words that carry a lot of baggage – doubt, insecurity and fear. Three things that limit all of humanity. Add the fact that maybe we don’t understand ourselves or God well enough, and you’re left with the ultimate reason why so many of us are confused about what we’re here for. Our life’s purpose.

But what if now was your moment to change all that?


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