Accepting Your Truth

Truth: noun-that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality; a fact or belief that is accepted as true.

November was when I wrote my last post. The topic of the post was in regards to saying “yes” when we are called to pursue our lifes’ calling. It was also around this time when I allowed something to happen that halted my writing journey.

A simple short statement in regards to my writing made by someone; “Stop trying to be something you are not.” To me this translated to: “I don’t know why you even try or bother writing, posting links to that blog, no one reads them because you are no one special. No one cares what a no name person writes or what they have to say.”

Sadly, I held on to this truth for my life during the past four month. I haven’t shared my reason for not writing to others and while there are other factors involved, it ultimately came down to me believing that writing didn’t matter.

I accepted a lie as my truth.

I held on to to that lie for far too long before realizing it was not my truth.

This was not something that I had to cling too but something I was choosing to cling to.

In life there will be so many truths that we can adapt to to make them fit or accept for our lives; some may be true for a season but there is one truth that is above the others that we can cling to without fear.

“We are a the product of grace.”


Say it…”I am the product of grace.”

This truth reminds us that grace is extended to us during the times we fail and this happens a lot for us. This truth reminds us to extend grace to others when we are offended or have been wronged. This truth reminds us that grace is extended during times of hardships that we can’t think straight, when we are confused, hurting and unsure of what the outcome will be, grace is there.

Truths about who we are based on negative opinions of others or the lies planted by Satan hold no value when we accept that we are a product of grace and understand that Gods grace is far greater than our own concept of the word itself. This means that no matter how many times we fail the opportunity to get back up is there if we choose to take it.

No matter what anyone has said about us and our journey in this life we have to find our positive truth and listen to it. Try to not subscribe to the negative thoughts and lies as they can hinder our true purpose in life.


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