Vegas Changed Us

faith: noun: complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

On Sunday (October 1, 2017) thousands of lives were forever changed by the events that took place but my life wasn’t personally forever changed by them until that next Wednesday evening. This is something that I’ve not shared until this point because it’s been a very strange thing to have my eyes open too.

On that particular Wednesday night as I sat on the couch with my then fiancé (now my husband), he was sharing something with me I realized just how much our lives could have been forever changed by the events that occurred on that Sunday. He works for a rather large company here in Arkansas. There was a conference that took place in the same area last week in Vegas that his company had some people attending. One of the other gentlemen that works in the same company with was there and was recalling the events of this tragedy. This individual did not get hurt as he went back up to his room to attend to some work emails; however, he heard the shots ring out and experienced his own trauma life changing event. 

This could have been my future husband. The man that I was currently mad at for some reason that I couldn’t even recall (probably wedding stress.) The man I plan to spend the rest of my life with in 17 days. The man I love. The man who has put his life selflessly on the line for this country and for those he loves. A man who everyone who meets, loves. An amazing man who could have had his life taken by an act of hate.

The man I love.

The man I pray daily for God’s protection over.

To him I say, a lot was put into perspective and I hope to never lose that perspective as we grow. You are truly amazing and a gift from God to so many.

To everyone else:

There’s been one comment that has been said so many times since Sunday: “Why pray? It does nothing. What we need is action!” 

To those people I say, YOU’RE right. But also wrong at the same time. Right in a sense your personal prayer will not work and wrong because where yours won’t, another’s will.

Prayers will not work if they are not backed by faith and in order for a prayer to be heard, not only does a heart have to be right but so does a mindset. We can’t face something hard in a moments time and request Him to fix it when we haven’t devoted any time to Him. We can’t expect an answer from Him if our heart is full of pride or unresolved issues with Him. We can’t expect an answer if all we do is talk (petition) to Him.

Slow down.

Thank Him.

Worship Him.

We must fall prostrate before Him and place in our hearts and minds how magnificent He is; revealing to Him that we can’t do this life without Him. To many of us are determined to do “life” as we see fit rather than live accordingly to His word. We need Him and His grace; we must realize this. It is vital to grasp this truth for our life.

Only then, can we ask Him to fix what is broken in this world and our life.

But here is a thing that so many of us forget…pausing. After we have praised Him, fell prostrate before Him, admitting the wrong in our lives and petitioned Him for the concerns of our hearts; we must pause.

Stopping and taking a moment to dig into His word and listen to what it is He has to say to us about our request rather than jumping up expecting it to be solved.

God’s word is one of the amazing ways He speaks to us. How much sense would it make for us to ask our boss a question and never wait for the answer but rather ask then walk away expecting the answer to just appear. Not much. It doesn’t work that way. 

So, to those people who say ” Action needs to be taken action rather than praying…” I tell you this in the greatest of faith this morning; those who have taken the steps above, have an “action faith.” They are the ones who pray and get action because they are the faithful. They are the ones we want praying for our country. They are the ones whose faith can turn our world around. They are the ones who gear up for combat before their feet ever hit the floor in the mornings. 

They are the ones I want on my team.

Our country needs these people right now. Their faith in the prayers they pray will be what will hold together the things that are tearing apart this nation due to every kind of hate imaginable.

To those who have been forever changed by the tragedy that occurred in Vegas, I am very sorry. There are truly no words that anyone can say to make the hurt, confusion, pain or sadness go away.

Have a wonderful weekend full of love, appreciation and respect. Full of thankfulness for those you love being there with you, as many today are dealing with an unending sadness and emptiness from losing someone they love by the events that occurred Sunday.


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