Completeness in Christ

Re•la•tion•ship noun the way which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected.

Thirty days from now my fiancé and I will be saying “I do!” And as our wedding draws near to a marriage that we feel will be exciting and full of adventure, I accepted a challenge of praying over him and us.  So come along on my daily journey and thoughts as I study and pray over different areas.

Day 1: Our Relationship with Christ

Relationships aren’t supposed to be hard, while there will be difficult periods in them, they will ultimately be areas of our life that bring us great joy. That is…if they are fostered correctly. Both spouses-to-be or spouses have a very important task of putting the relationship with God as first in their loves for completely different reasons.

For us ladies, we have to have a satisfying relationship with Him to be completely fulfilled. Our significant others, be it as wonderful as they are will eventually let us down. No matter how much of a hero they are they will at one time or another let us down or not meet a direct need we have. If our relationship with Christ is not strong these times could be really harmful to the marriage. However, if that relationship with God is strong and personal, when those needs aren’t met by our significant other it will not be as damaging.

Psalm 16:4 Those who hurry after another god will have many sorrows…

Ladies, we have all been guilty of trying to fulfill that need by some other means at one point or another. Maybe through our children, our career, our mission work, working outnor perhaps even another man.

Be careful!

Our deepest joy has to be found in Christ alone. Please be guarded to not look to something outside of your marriage to find pleasure or happiness when you feel like your needs are not being met. Take those desires to Him and ask Him to help fill the void you are feeling.

If the man in your life is walking the path according to God’s plan this is very easy to do; however if you are with a man who is a non-believer or who doesn’t put Christ first, this is difficult. While I’ve never been married and can only speak from dating someone when I was younger who knew Christ but had no real desire to have a real personal relationship with Him, it’s hard. I had to walk away but in a marriage it is not that simple.

Photo Credit: Becki Kostesky on the Rio Grande

Dear heart…if this is you, I am sorry for your broken spirit. I do want to offer what I hope will be encouragement..

Jesus doesn’t need us to help save our men!

Stop putting the pressure and stress on yourself when it comes to controlling his journey to faith. Letting go of control is easier said than done but you have to do it. You have to trust God and His timing with your significant other. This applies to any area in his life that God is needing to move in.

This doesn’t mean you don’t pray over him and the situation or circumstances but instead of being stressed and worried in your prayer, relax! Have peace inside and know that God will answer the prayer in His time.

If you are a woman of faith and your man is not-wouldn’t it be best for him to see the calm, relaxed, joyful and peaceful side of you because of your relationship with Christ?

Don’t worry guys…you’re next!

Your relationship with Christ is also very important.

John 15:13 Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends. 

Jesus should be your best friend! He willing gave his life for you & calls you His friend. He’s the friend that offers you deep intimacy and gives you the prime example of sacrificial love. Share your heart with Him!

Let all the things you struggle with daily be laid upon the alter for Him to help you with in secret counsel. He wants to! During these time of sharing with Him you will have God reveal Himself to you and if you are choosing to put the relationship with Him above all others and first in your life you will be able to see this.

It is important that this be your most important relationship, even ahead of your relationship with your wife or children. The more you pour into the relationship with Him the deeper it becomes and the deeper your desire to know Him becomes.

Be willing to open your heart to Christ and surrender those areas you struggle with. As you become more open in that relationship your relationship with your significant other gets deeper and has a new level of intimacy you wouldn’t have other wise.

Being the leader in the home and over the family is a hard enough job but you should rest in the faith that you can trust God to you the guidance, proper direction and wisdom to be the leader they need as well as the leader He needs.

Finally guys…as you grow closer to Him you will become more sensitive to His spirit and your heart will soften with emotions. Your lady will love this! You will be able to love her a little softer and be a bit more tender with her heart.
So ladies, if we put Christ above all others in our life our needs will be met without stressing our men out as much over them needing to be met; we will become happy in our completeness with Christ.

And fellas, if you put Christ above all others in your life you become in touch with the softer emotional side she needs (and what you really want to give) while being a strong masculine spiritual leader for the home and family.

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