Those Who Abandon for Adventure: Jenny

ad·ven·tur·er noun: a person who enjoys or seeks adventure.

Welcome to something new! Each month will feature someone who has stepped out in faith to pursue a dream of theirs for making this world a better place.

Of course Jenny has to start us off!

This girl!

She stepped out in incredible faith and has made something wonderful happen for others; myself being one of those people. It’s been a true adventure getting to know her, work beside her and chase after God’s passions for life with her.

Jenny has taken some time to share her story with us.

1. Name? Jenny!

2. Age? 



3. Profession? 

-Non-profit founder & CEO! 

(She didn’t add the link or name; however, since the organization has been amazing in my life the link must be shared:

4. Where do you call home? 

-Dallas, Texas


5. 3 facts about you?

 -I have a blonde shiba inu named Prim. 

-I love helping people by challenging them. (She’s really good at this!)

-Popcorn is probably my favorite food! …. Are those good facts? 🙂



6. 3 things you consider vital to do in your daily life? 

-Thank Jesus

-Take my vitamins

-Learn one new thing daily!

7. What’s been the scariest thing you have had to be forced out of your comfort zone in order to do? Are you happy you branched out beyond your comfort zone to accomplish that fear? 

-I had to trust that God would provide in various ways. I felt like I was meant for big things, but I realized I wasn’t trusting God enough for Him to be able to prove it. I would plan plan plan and worry about the various outcomes, when all I really needed to be doing was listening, trusting, and diving in. God would take care of the rest in whatever way He deemed fit. I realized trust could be a fear, I never thought I was that person. I am incredibly thankful He pushed me out of my comfort zone.

8. What do you consider to have been the biggest dream or goal you have accomplished?

– I think the biggest dream I have accomplished is just doing something of my own, for the betterment of man kind! Do I want this non-profit and other businesses in the future to be successful and last for a long time? Sure. But what has become more important than the typical idea of “success” is the fact that I’ve touched peoples’ lives, I’ve learned in the process, I’ve served the Lord, and I’ve become a business owner. So I guess you could say success has been redefined for me, and that’s a really big accomplishment as well.



9. What gave you the vision, the desire or “want to” to pursue what you are currently pursuing in this life? 

-Oh man, that’s one big dramatic story in and of itself! You can read that here.

10. Many young people feel they are too young or have too much of a past to be used by God; what would you tell them? 

-If you feel you are too young or have too much of a past to be used by God, my message to you my friend is that you need to go read the Bible! And I’m not trying to make you feel unknowledgeable when I say that. I say that because God has a track record for specifically using the young, the outcasts, the mis-behaved, the rebels… I could go on. You are never too ANYTHING – young, old, bad, good, whatever – for God to use you.

11. When you felt the passion for your purpose in this life; did you hesitate or jump right in? 

-Oh, I hesitated for sure. The hesitation is normal. It’s not the hesitation most people have to overcome. What you have to overcome is that moment when you let your feelings stop you from actually taking that first step, and all the steps after it.


•If you hesitated, what was the cause of that hesitation? If you jumped right in, what gave you the courage to do so?

– The cause of the hesitation is everything. It’s peoples’ opinions. It’s lack of clarity on what you believe God wants you to do. It’s lack of trust. It’s lack of confidence. It’s money….. but outside of the lack of clarity on God’s path for my life, none of that mattered. When I realized that, things started to happen.

12. What were your expectations as you set out on this journey?

– I almost had none in a weird way. I just hoped for the best – whatever better meant.

13. Did you ever think it was possible to accomplish this adventure in your life? 

-…..Possible? Yes. What / How it was going to all play out was the question.

14. Did you have any people who voiced their opinions in regards to this not working out & how did it make you feel?

-Not really, not to my face atleast – HA! But I definitely remembered peoples’ past criticisms and it drove me to prove them wrong. Note: proving people wrong should never be your primary motive, but do let it fuel your fire within. 

15. Who were your biggest supporters? Have any new unexpected people or organizations became supporters that surprised you? 

-My sweet husband. He is just phenomenal. And any new unexpected people or organizations became supporters… I think a lot of my friends are supporters, and I am surprised by the response Three to Abandon has gotten from the very beginning. Organizations? Not really, but as we grow maybe they’ll hop on board. 


16. What has been the most encouraging thing said or advice you have received from someone during this process? 

-That they are proud of me and that I have helped change lives. Those statements go a long way. They are the biggest win in all this.

17. As you have been working on accomplishing this “God-Call Purpose” what have been the major stumbling blocks for you?    

-Probably the need for people, community and affirmation. When you pursue big things, you may often be alone in the journey – there won’t always be a boss telling you what to do, or people around you telling you that you’re awesome. You have to have the persistence to make things happen without others telling you, and you need to have the positivity and patience to push through without having teammates around you cheering you on at every turn. I do constantly still wish I had more people around to share wins and mourn losses, but I’ve learned God’s strength is sufficient. And hopefully as my organization grows, I can grow that community I desire.



18. When you become discouraged in regards to this purpose, how do you overcome it?

– Just remember the journey I’ve been on! I look forward and say, “Man, I have so far to go…” but then I look back and say, “But, damn, look how far He’s brought me.” I am so far from where I started, and I’m thankful.

19. What do you struggle with the most as you are on this journey? –Delegating, lol.

20. What have you had to abandon in your life in order to have this adventure with God? 

-All the things Three to Abandon stands for – doubt, insecurity, and fear. And then things that are by-products of those – lack of trust, worry, what people think of me, what Christians think of me, etc.


21. Do you feel like you are fulfilled right now in your life? 


22. Are you as excited about your passion in pursuing this purpose now as you were the day you started? 

-It definitely ebs and flows, but that’s when I remember that purpose is not one thing or an end goal. 

23. It’s important in this life to have a personal mission on how we want to impact the world around us in a positive way. What would you consider your personal mission statement? 

-Well, my vision statement is to serve and challenge both the masses and the one lost sheep, by expressing wisdom, identifying truth, and creating. It took a long time to come up with that for myself, going through a very specific process that’s actually a part of the Three to Abandon Purpose curriculum.

24. This life we live is our legacy. What we leave behind will change the future for someone in some way. What legacy do you hope to leave behind that will change the future for someone else?

– I just hope I can leave people with enough wisdom and encouragement, that when they’re staring those difficult moments in the face, they can make the right decision for themselves, God, others.

25. Are there any final thoughts that you would like to share with the world? 

-Come visit, I would love for you to discover yourself, God’s purpose for you, and learn how to abandon all the CRAP holding you back from the incredible things you’re meant for. I believe in who God made you to be!


Thank you Jenny for taking the time to be the first featured guest and letting us learn more about you & the passion for your adventure in this life.

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