Rest in the Stress

O•ver•whelm verb: bury or drown beneath a huge mass

I am overwhelmed.


As I sat down today to pull out my prayer journal, pens and Bible; the knot in my stomach grew and the tightness in my chest felt like it was going to explode.

And an explosion is just what happened.




I no longer could hold back the dam that had formed behind my eyes.  All the worry and stress I had came pouring out. From feeling like I was alone in planning a wedding, attempting to keep house, work out, maintain a job, sleep properly, manage prayer time along with scripture along with trying to dedicate myself to writing with the added bonus of trying to figure out if I want to further my education.

I had had it.


There were absolutely no words to God for me to pray except, “I am stressed, overwhelmed and sleepy. Bless what scripture I read tonight and please help me understand what it is you are trying to say. Please.”

I turn to the passage indicated for my daily scripture writing, Psalm 18:32-36. However, as I’m writing out verse 33 the scripture reads: “Turn around and take me out of the battle, for I am wounded.”

Thinking to myself and asking God what it was He was needing to take me out of because I was for sure feeling wounded. It didn’t take me long to realize that I was in 2 Chronicles 18 and not Psalm.

With even more tears and anger at myself over yet another careless mistake, I flipped over to Psalms and started writing that passage. That’s when verse 36 resonated with me.

Psalm 18:36 You have enlarged my path under me, so my feet did not slip.

What a wonderful reminder that our path is enlarged because of Him and He has us. He will carry us every step of the way; no matter how stressed, worn out or overwhelmed we are.

He wraps us up in His loving arms and will not let us slip.

What an amazing promise to rest in when we are stressed.

Photo Credit: Jaden Brown

If you are overwhelmed and stressed, here are my hopes for you:

I hope you can find a moment to let the dam break and let the tears fall before God; to cry out to Him about the overwhelming burden you are carrying.

I hope your faith helps carry you when you are too weak to carry on.

I hope you find rest in the promise that our paths are chosen by Him and He has everything under control.

Find rest in your stress and watch how the path to your adventures will grow!

Photo Credit: Jaden Brown

Jude 1:20 But you, beloved, build yourselves up on your most holy faith, make progress, rise like edifice higher and higher, praying in the Holy Spirit.

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