renew: transitive verb: 1. to make like new; restore to freshness, vigor, or perfection.

One of my favorite past times is watching a marathon on anything DIY related. Turn on HGTV and that is where you will find me; front and center, taking notes. In all my watching and note taking; I’m fully convinced that I too can restore an old piece of furniture by the end.


I jump up on a mission to make something old new again; hence why there is a dinning room table on our back patio, dresses, desk, book shelves and other odd pieces of old furniture over taking our garage.

I’ve invested all the time to research these projects. All the supplies to do them have been bought; from paint brushes that will create that old rustic look with ease to drop clothes to the right shade of paint. Even a sander has been purchased but out of all he furniture pieces-only two dresser drawers have been sanded. Every thing else just sits there in the garage with these really great ideas in my head.

“I’ll get around to them some day.”

Sometimes our lives mirror that thought process. We desperately want to make ourselves over into the best version of ourselves. We purchase gym memberships, we get a therapist, we change careers, we go on vacation to get renewed, we buy self-help books and take countless notes in the margins, we buy yet another Bible study to sit next to the other five we have started and sometimes we even change churches.

Then what?

We soon find ourselves back in the same rut we were in so we set out again to find out what our next “self-fixer-upper” can be.

When we continuously move on to try and fix the next thing we feel is wrong about us; no matter how amazing our ideas are, we end up with a lot of unfinished furniture in our garage.

We must start with transforming our minds in order for the actual renewing process to work. This is transformation will profoundly change who we are on the inside and that will be reflected on the outside.

Romans 12:2 Be transformed by the renewal of your mind…

In the next few postings here are some questions that we will walk through if you will take the adventure with me.

What is happens with our minds when conformed to the world?

Do we really have to renew our minds-is it needed?

What does it feel like to be renewed?

Can we actually have this renewal of body, mind and soul?

Is it enjoyable to be transformed?

It’s time to get into our garage and pull out those old peices of furniure and get to the basic of what we have in there.



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