All Things New

spring: (intransitive verb form) to be resilient or elastic/to move by force/ to issue with speed/ to grow as a plant/ to come into being/ to make a leap of series of leaps.

Spring is here!

The season of new beginnings!

That long awaited moment to pull the curtains back, draw the shades and open the windows…to feel that warmth sting by the sun to be cooled by most perfect breeze.

That moment!

We love that moment as much as we love the beach hitting our toes in our first summer beach trip, or the first sign of autumn leaves or how about that first crisp wind of winter that lets you know “it’s gonna be a cold one!

Before we know it every year  Spring is come and gone before we have really realized what the season is all about in our own lives. We start our early Spring off with the death, burial and resurrection of Christ and Easter eggs opening as a sign of something insider for us to enjoy.

This is the time when we should really take stock of our lives, to see if we are doing what we really want to be doing. This is our chance! If we are like the typical person after three months from New Years our goals have already reached the failed stage and filed into the “there’s always next year” category; we get a season to bring about new beginnings!

It’s the time to take a serious look at our hearts and minds to figure out what must go in order to be doing that thing would create a life lived with purpose.

What’s holding you back?

A fear?

A false or negative thought?

A sin you can’t let go of?

A relationship of some sort?

What’s really holding you back from making you really live life to the fullest by doing what sets your heart on fire? Take a good look at it; love it one last time if you have too; then walk over to the window where you were feeling that warm sun and cool breeze and trow it out.

The Bible tells us to cast all our worries and cares to Him and He will take them. So let it go in great faith.

Cast your care, all your anxieties, all your worries, all your concerns, once and for all on Him, for He cares for you affectionately and cares about you watchfully.

1 Peter 5:7

It’s gone!

Time to move! Time to bloom!

Then we have mid-spring season in which we start planting those ideas He gave us. We start with our pens ready to write out those new goals, take those chances and start a new fresh journey in life.

It’s when we must step in faith and ask God to open new doors that will take us on to “greener paths” and growing areas to finally use our gifts He’s given us. A time for great promise. A time for great faith.

We see the bright colorful flowers blooming from His promise of the seeds of faith we planted. The trees are greener, bees are buzzing, birds are chirping louder, the squirrel in our attic is a bit more relaxed, the time for the baseball team (Arkansas Razorback Baseball team that is) to throw out the first pitch of season.

The sign of all those promises!

In our life this is the time we get to really feel fulfilled in life since we’ve go of all those things holding us back because God starts to show us Himself from the seeds of faith we planted for Him.

Live in this moment!

Take it in with the sun!

Thank God for taking your fear, doubt or whatever was standing in you way out of it so you could move through the doors He opened that would lead you to a life of purpose.

A life of true meaning!

Happy Spring!


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