Rushing in Purpose

rush: (intransitive verb form) to move forward, progress, or act with haste or eagerness or without preparation or(transitive verb form) to push or impel on or forward with speed, impetuosity, or violence.

The word ‘RUSH’ has been said to me many times today and each time it’s followed by a simple statement:

This morning on the way to work I was rushing so to get to my favorite spot on the bridge to see the sunrise. The song was perfect and the clouds rising just over the sun were marvelous shades of pink and orange mixed in with an amazing hue of gold.

It was going to be perfect and I didn’t want to miss it but if the vehicles in front of me didn’t get out of the way or speed up I was going to get stuck behind the tree line and miss every single glorious moment of that sunrise.

In that moment the phrase came to mind, “I’ve got something so much better for you. If you will just wait you will see it.”  Ok, I thought, let’s see this because that sunrise is going to be epic. As I rounded the dreary overcast of the northern treeline on my side of the freeway and came to the exit for my work; I looked ahead and there it was.

The whole underside of the bridge was glowing gold. As I continued on the ramp it was as if I was driving right into the streets of gold. The reflection of the sun that radiated through the clouds was the brightest I’ve ever witnessed.

I was in such a haste to see the main sunrise that I would have missed this beautiful life lesson of true beauty of slowing down and reflecting.

The whole process made me think about my statement, “there is beauty in the stillness as we wait on God” to show us things we need to see in order to be ready for the big thing he has for us.

In our quest for finding our purpose we rush the request; eager for Him to put us to work some place exciting that will change lives. We ask for eyes and hearts to be open and hear so we can move.

We are ready.

(or we think we are.)

Then rather us sit still we rush for the response from Him. We take every sign we see and assume that the feeling we are feeling towards an area is God saying “Go!” It doesn’t matter if it’s the next hour or next month, we take it because we rushed that request and now we just know He’s rushing that response.

Maybe we should learn when we start to wonder about our purpose and calling in our life is start with reflecting because in all the rushing in request and response when we put off reflecting we put off repenting. When repenting gets put off things get very still and it seems like there is something missing or off in our purpose.

And something is off in our relationship with God as well.

We can’t rush either the reflection or repenting process or we will miss something beautiful there too. We must start by asking God to search our hearts and make the unconfessed sin we have hidden away brought to the forefront of our mind or we will not ever stop to repent of them.

There are so many things to be said for unconfessed sin and how it separates us from God but when it comes to our life purpose from God, we can rest assured if we haven’t dealt with our sins then we will jump right into an area of ministry only to become burnt out, unjoyful, bitter and full of pride.

Satan will want us to stay there and keep rushing in our life because as long as we are in the wrong place at the wrong time we are not fulfilling His purpose. We have a purpose to serve in a particular area and it is vital we seek to get to that place and not ignore the deep unsetteling nagging feeling of “offness” or feeling that there is something else out there we should be doing to reach His purpose.

As we are on this quest to find our greater purpose for Him, let’s take the time to in the reflecting stage to really get to the bottom of our hearts. Once our sin is brought up we should then spent some time to repent of those sins but realize there are multiple steps to true repentance. 

It too can’t be rushed.

Is there something we need for Him to bring to the light?

Is there something we need to address with Him?

Is there some repenting we need to do?


2 thoughts on “Rushing in Purpose

  1. I LOVE how you start with a word in your blogs! This picture of slowing down is beautiful and a great reminder.

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